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ad blindness

A typical American is exposed to 30,000 advertising messages daily. From, radio and TV commercials, newspapers, billboards, logos on cars, trucks and buses, banner ads, logos on shirts, on the computer, and telephone. Out of 30,000 ad messages a day how many get noticed? How many are remembered? How many of these ad messages influence theconsumer in any way? This phenomenon is called "ad blindness" and consumers have become very good at filtering out these ads.


what we don't do: interruption advertising

Interruption Advertising is the process by which a prospect who is engaged in something else,such as reading a magazine, watching television, watching a game, or driving to work is interrupted by a commercial message. This "creativity" in a conventional form is rarely achieved. Consumers are all too often not influenced or are unaffected by the majority of the 30,000 Interruption ad messages they are exposed to daily; still advertisers continueto do the same thing hoping for a different result. It's a matter of broadcasting loudly to as many people as possible with the hope that the message will trickle down to a potential buyer. We think you will agree it has not been a very efficient strategy. For many advertisers, their solution is to fight the clutter with even more clutter. Target audiences, no matter how well segmented, have acquired the ability to filter out and ignore this noise.

what we do: social engagement advertising

Today’s digital space is about engaging in a conversation with peers, customers and staff, innovating with them and constantly improving your value proposition in an authentic way. Consumers have the power, the information, the advice and the resources to make their own decisions. In the digital world it’s all about being an active contributor to the conversation. It's about human connection, transparency and allowing consumers to participate and shape your brand based on authentic interactions between your agents, employees, product or service and your customers. This is a paradigm shift in marketing and advertising -- using these interactions to spread "affect and influence" through personal networks.

Contact us today and let us show you how we will strengthen your brand through Social Engagement Advertising.

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